Riding SideSaddle*

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Riding SideSaddle* is a fragmented memory written on 250 interchangeable index cards — following a cast of friends as they navigate fluid genders, relationships, and bodies that resist order, category, or completion. Based loosely on the life of Margaret Clap, and the myth of Salmacis and Hermaphroditus — SideSaddle* is an open-source text published by SpringGun Press, released online by OddBird, and adapted to the stage by Buntport Theater and Teacup Gorilla.

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Sam gasps for air and finds herself alone. Herman gasps for air and finds herself alone. They wipe the mud from their body.

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It’s a new, and wonderful, adventure each time, a story of outcasts, their caretaker, and the friendship and love they find with each other. It’s a story about the body and hybridity — based on the myth of Hermaphroditus — and it’s a story about magic and the slipperiness of categories.
Ryo Yamaguchi, Michigan Quarterly Review
One of the most ambitious projects that has come across our desk recently.
Tim Wenger, Colorado Music Buzz
A really, really good reading time! Miriam has gathered all of the beauteous, ugly, and necessary parts together in one place. The characters, ideas, story are exposed, raw, alive — merging masculine and feminine into some kind of mystical marriage. Graciously, Miriam leaves us the pleasure of assembly without rules.
Erin Rollman & Brian Colonna, Buntport Theatre
Rarely do you get to experience such intimate thoughts. It's like being dropped into someone's head, Quantum Leap style, for a transformative time in their life. Super sexy. I won't deny, it turned me on.
Chris Eppstein, Core Developer of Compass & Sass
This feels more realistic than any other novel could hope to be: every moment is just one in a sea of other moments, no more or less important, although no less interesting for that. The result is an impressionist array of feelings and emotions and understandings of oneself and others.
Natalie Weizenbaum, Lead Designer/Developer of Sass

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Teacup Gorilla's debut EP is built around words from the novel. You can also find it on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Rdio.

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