Riding SideSaddle*

Miriam Eric Suzanne | A Novel

Collage of technical and anatomical diagrams forming a twisted face with red lips

The soul of the piece lies in the gender-blending love and acceptance that flows like water through these relationships.

—Tracy Shaffer, Huffington Post

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A really, really good reading time! Miriam has gathered all of the beauteous, ugly, and necessary parts together in one place. The characters, ideas, story are exposed, raw, & alive – merging masculine and feminine into some kind of mystical marriage.

—Erin Rollman & Brian Colonna, Buntport Theatre

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A queer mythology written on 250 index cards – Riding SideSaddle* follows a cast of friends as they navigate fluid genders & relationships with bodies that resist order, category, or completion. It’s a story chosen family, inspired by the life of Margaret Clap and the many myths of Hermaphroditus.


In 2016 Buntport Theater & Teacup Gorilla developed a live theater production based on the novel – 10 Myths on the Proper Application of Beauty Products. adapting & supplementing the novel for stage. The show won a Denver True West Award.

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The play makes us think about the dizzying variety of possible physical variations to human genitalia and their spiritual and psychological consequences; the usual categories of “male” and “female” are just too simplistic.

—Juliet Wittman, Westword

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Sam gasps for air and finds herself alone. Herman gasps for air and finds herself alone. They wipe the mud from their body.

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Every moment is just one in a sea of other moments, no more or less important, although no less interesting for that. The result is an impressionist array of feelings and emotions and understandings of oneself and others.

—Natalie Weizenbaum, Sass Lead Developer


It’s a new and wonderful adventure each time – a story of outcasts, their caretaker, and the friendship and love they find with each other. It’s a story about the body and hybridity and magic and the slipperiness of categories.

—Ryo Yamaguchi, Michigan Quarterly Review


An oddly satisfying dark comedy, a meditation on bodies, humanity, love and loss.

—Joanne Ostrow, The Denver Post

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Definitely a production worth writing about, talking about, and going to see.

—Berlin Sylvestre, Out Front